The history of GEORGIOS CHIRAS AND SONS S.A. beginns several years ago by its establishment in 1969. It was a sole proprietorship, that has managed within a very short time to become one of the top manufacturing and exporting businesses of Northern Greece. The name GEORGIOS CHIRAS AND SONS S.A. is meanwhile synonym of high quality and its products become popular not only in the domestic market but abroad as well.

In 1986 the company altered its legal form into S.A., enlarging its clientele with foreign companies such as otto group, la redoute, reebok, adidas etc.


GEORGIOS CHIRAS AND SONS S.A., situated in Thessaloniki, is today a company engaged in the clothing sector with the objective to produce and distribute ready-to-wear knit clothing for men, women and children, having already established a strong position in the sector. Its business activities began in 1969 as a Limited Liability Company. In 1986 it altered its legal form into S.A. which is also its current form and continues its business with a great success and development throughout the time in its activities.

GEORGIOS CHIRAS AND SONS S.A. is solely engaged in the manufacturing of ready-to-wear clothing. In particular, it manufactures tops, dresses, trousers, skirts, cardigans including designing, cutting and sewing by applying the quality assurance standard ISO 9001 since March 2002.


The objective of GEORGIOS CHIRAS AND SONS S.A. is the manufacturing of high quality products in men’s, women’s and children’s wear, keeping pace with the international development on clothes manufacturing by using the most suitable material such as pure wear and fulfilling all necessary quality control requirements.

At the same time, GEORGIOS CHIRAS AND SONS S.A. seeks on a permanent basis for new dealerships and innovative products to serve in the best possible way the needs of its clients.

Business activity:

Manufacturing and distribution of ready-to-wear knit clothing for men, women and children.

Production section:

Designing – cutting – sewing – quality control – packing


T-shirts, sports wear, brands such as adidas, reebok.


Clothing made from circular knitting machines

Associated countries:

Germany, France, Austria, England, Holland, New Zealand, Switzerland, U.S.A.

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